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Time Management Skill and Tips

Time Management:
Posted On : 2014-12-18 16:44:35

There is an old saying that time is gold, really its old; for today's competitive world it has to be changed as time is platinum. In these days, its easy to get distracted quickly which in turn wastes our time. Time management is the most important thing for all of us to be more productive. Actually its not time management rather its life management. The way we manage our time effectively is the real way to manage our lives. 

The first step for time management is preparing ourself. First thing is we should mentally prepare ourself to start our day with more enthusiasm. Then prepare the to-do list of the day and schedule time for each tasks. Segregate your tasks into two i.e. most important tasks and less important tasks. Efficient people used to start their day with most important tasks and perform small portions or less important task at end of the day. So that we can reduce our stress level gradually. 

Prepare a time log to determine the wasted time and most productive times. With that focus on most productive time to do important tasks. Develop strategies to deal with the things which went wrong previously. Break your tasks into multiple numbers and do one task at a time for better time management. Refresh yourself for ten minutes after 45 minutes for gaining energy to the next work. Then leave few minutes for fun to relax your mind. Acknowledge yourself for every work, its a kind of self motivation which will help for our betterment in future. Seven to nine hours of sleep is necessary for every human being to help our system in a better way. 

To avoid distractions turn off the social networking sites during work and  avoid checking your e-mail frequently. Control your inbox by filtering unwanted messages. Plan your day in the previous evening for a fresh and good start of a new day.


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4 years ago

Time management is the challenging task to everyone. This article helps them to manage their time properly.


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