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Limba Ram Arjuna Award Awarded In 1991

Limba Ram

Limba Ram

Award Name : Arjuna Award

Year of Award : 1991

Award for : Sports and Games

Location : Sursara, Rajasthan, India


Limba Ram is an Indian archer who represented India in international competitions, including three Olympics. He equalled an archery world record in 1992 at the Asian Archery Championships in Beijing. He was awarded the Padma Shri Award in 2012. He was born on January 30, 1972 in Saradeet, Rajasthan, India. His childhood days were spent in extreme poverty that he used to hunt birds and animals using his bow and arrows. That’s his first handed experience with bows and arrows. In 1987 he came to know that government is conducting trials in the nearby village to train archers. Limba was only 15 years old then and his talent was spotted by Sports Authority of India. He along with three other boys were selected and sent to New Delhi for the Special Area Games Programme, where he received initial training in archery from R. S. Sodhi. 

Same year he won National level junior championship in archery and from there on, he won numerous competitions and also represented India in three Olympics. Summer Olympics held in Seoul, Beijing Asian Games in 1990, Beijing Asian Archery Championships, 1992 at the Barcelona Olympics, 1995Common Wealth Games Delhi etc are the major international level competitions in which he represented India. In 1992, he equaled world record of Takayoshi Matsushita in the Beijing Asian Archery Championships. The Government of India honoured him with the Arjuna award in 1991.