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Apple Music Student Discount

Updated On 2016-05-07 09:00:24 Exclusive

Apple Music subscriptions will be $4.99 a month for students, half the normal price.

College students drawn to Spotify because of its education discount can now consider Apple Music as a viable option too.

Apple will begin offering college students a reduced price membership to its streaming music app, TechCrunch reports. The discounted membership will cost $4.99 per month in the U.S. instead of $9.99. That’s the same amount Spotify charges students for access to its ad-free Premium service.

Students must be enrolled in an eligible college or university to get the discount. The reduced rate will apply for up to four years following sign-up. Those four years don’t have to be continuous — if a student takes a year off, he or she can sign up for the student discount again when they return to school. Graduate students are eligible for the half-price plan as well.

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