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Indian academician Radha Kumar was appointed in UN University

Updated On 2016-04-30 09:04:46 Exclusive
Author : S.Manikandaprabhu

Indian academician Radha Kumar was appointed in UnitedNation’s University Council along with other 11 people by UN Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon. They will serve for terms of either three or six years and shallformulate its principles and policies, consider and approve biennial budget andwork programme.

Prior to this appointment she was serving as the DirectorGeneral of New Delhi-based think tank Delhi Policy Group. She is a specialistin peacemaking, ethnic conflicts and peace-building. She is former Director ofthe Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at Jamia Millia IslamiaUniversity.

She also has served as the Senior Fellow in Peace andConflict Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations in the city. She had alsoserved as one of the three-member Group of Interlocutors appointed by the UnionGovernment for Jammu and Kashmir.

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