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Poor UAE Students To Receive Fund For Education

Updated On 2016-08-22 09:50:35 Exclusive

The Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF) has donated Dh200,000 to the National Charity Schools to help alleviate the plight of parents burdened by financial stress as they provide for students in low income households.

Fahad Al Bannai, Head of Endowment Way-outs Section at AMAF, handed over the cheque to Dr Kamal Farhat, General Manager of the National Charity Schools at the AMAF headquarters in Dubai on Last week. AMAF have five endowment accounts dedicated to supporting different sectors. These include - Social Affairs, Health, Education, Islamic Affairs, Piety and Righteousness.

In 2016, the education endowment budget was Dh700,000, of which Dh200,000 is now being set aside for National Charity Schools. "We are pleased to support the National Charity Schools that play an important role in providing quality education opportunities for individuals who are unable to pay tuition fees. This donation is in line with our commitment to empower and provide valued care for less privileged children - one of our core humanitarian goals," Fahad Al Bannai said.

For his part, Dr Kamal Farhat, General Manager of the National Charity Schools, said: "Although we charge a very nominal tuition fee at National Charity Schools, some students from low-income families still face difficulties in paying the amount regularly and on time. We thank Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation for taking the initiative to support these students, ensure they benefit from an uninterrupted education and enjoy holistic growth."

AMAF hopes that the donation to National Charity Schools will help provide educational opportunities to children and help families cover free obligations.

The donation will be effectively channelized in coordination with the school administration and according to the need of each student.

AMAF regularly provides and manages endowment funds, to help set up successful projects that benefit the national economy and drive the UAE's humanitarian agenda. Each fund investment is made in accordance with the guidelines of Islamic sharia and reinforces AMAF's economic and social responsibility mandate.

The National Charity Schools were established under the patronage of Juma Al Majid, prominent UAE businessman and philanthropist, to provide learning opportunities for children from lower income backgrounds. The organization has several branches across the United Arab Emirates and follows the Ministry of Education curriculum.

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