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Trust Sponsor Education For Girls

Updated On 2016-06-28 09:05:52 Exclusive

Chennai-based Alamelu Mangai Educational and Charitable Trust has come forward to sponsor education for any girl child from poor economic background wanting to pursue medicine.

This was announced by Alamelu Mangai’s younger brother and former Union Secretary for Department of Science and Technology T. Ramasamy at a function organised to dedicate a reverse osmosis water purification plant donated by the trust to Sacred Heart Girls Higher Secondary School on Monday.

He said his sister, an alumna of the school, had an unfulfilled dream of pursuing medicine. Its trustee R. Vijayaraghavan said that the objective of the trust, run in the name of his mother Alamelu Mangai was to promote girl’s education at college level. “The only eligibility for the beneficiary is that she should be from economically poor background. We are ready to sponsor their education in any stream,” he said.

In connection with Alamelu Mangai’s 75th birth anniversary, the trust donated a water purification plant worth Rs. 7 lakh to the school from where she passed 10th standard in 1957.

Mr. Ramasamy said that great poet Subramaniya Bharati believed in bringing about social changes in the country only through girls. “That’s why most of his poems were addressed to young girls,” he said. He said that education was not only for earning money but to ensure better quality of life. “The education my sister got in this school had inculcated that,” he said.

Mr. Ramasamy said that the essence of education was in helping others and every individual should try to give back to society and country that gave them education.

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