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Government initiates registration of Indian students studying abroad

Updated On 2017-02-06 10:25:35 Foreign Studies

The process for registration of Indian students studying abroad has been initiated in various countries to compile data so that the government is able to advise them in the hour of need.

The Students Registration Module on the Indian students studying in various countries has been placed within the ministry's MADAD portal (the Consular Services Management System), a state government release said in Guwahati.

Data entered in this module in a voluntary manner by the Indian students abroad will provide useful inputs about the pattern of migration of Indian students globally, educational courses that they are registering in and any other related matters.

Information is also available in the website of the Directorate of Higher Education, Assam, the release added.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India which is known as the Foreign Ministry is responsible for maintaining the foreign relation affairs of India. It is responsible for representation of India in the United Nations. It also gives advises to different ministries and state government regarding foreign governments or institutions.

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