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Gerhard Bringmann Gusi Peace Prize Awarded In 2014

Gerhard Bringmann

Gerhard Bringmann

Award Name : Gusi Peace Prize

Year of Award : 2014

Award for : Peace

Location : Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany


Gerhard Bringmann has been holding the Chair of Organic Chemistry I of the University of Würzburg since 1987. Since 2003 he has been the coordinator of the interdisciplinary research network SFB 630 "Recognition, Preparation, and Functional Analysis of Agents against Infectious Diseases". Between 2006 and 2009 he was the foundation speaker of the "Africa Circle at the University of Würzburg" (today: "Forum Africa Center"); between 2002 and 2014 he chaired the Program Committee of the Irseer Naturstoff?Tage.

Bringmann's work in research and teaching has been honored by numerous prizes. In 1999, he obtained the Award for Good Teaching of the Free State of Bavaria. In 2006, he received the Adolf?Windaus Medal for Natural Products Research and in 2007 the Paul?J.?Scheuer Award for Marine Biotechnology.He received Gusi Peace Prize International in 2014 for Humanitarianism & Scientific Research.