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Allow Google in exams

Updated On 2015-05-01 11:39:40 Exams

While giving his Telegraph interview Mark Dawe, the head of OCR exam board, has suggested allowing Google for GCSE and A-level tests for students. He added that internet use in exam rooms reflected the way pupils learned and how they would work in future. It will also help the teachers to assess the way students draw on information and apply it to their learning. Still the students would need a basis of knowledge and would have limited time to conduct searches.

The idea is condemned as dumbing down by the Campaign for Real Education. For that Chief answered that if there is a question surely everyone uses Google when they learn in the classroom. It is more about understanding what results you're seeing rather than keeping all of that knowledge in your head, because that's not how the modern world works. He compared the idea with the usage of books during a test as in reality you didn't have too much time and you had to learn it anyway.

Mr Dawe suggested some exams may allow internet access and others may not. It's about understanding the tools they have got available and how to utilize them. "When we are asking a question where we know there's access to the internet, we could ask a different question - it's about the interpretation, the discussion. Chris McGovern, of the Campaign for Real Education, said you can have an exam in how to use Google and we do have to test what children are carrying in their heads.

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