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Common Entrance Test For All Central Universities, HRD Ministry

Updated On 2016-09-09 09:28:56 Exams

With an aim to ease the burden of high cut-offs in university admissions across various colleges in the country, the HRD Ministry has come up with a new idea of implementing a common entrance examination for all central universities. 

This attempt comes with a hope of providing equal opportunities to students seeking university admissions despite the differences in the qualifying scores of the students. Regarding the implementation of the new admission procedure, the HRD Ministry will convene a meeting with the central universities on October 6, 2016. 

A number of issues have been brought to our notice, including the common entrance test. We will draw up the agenda of the meeting soon," said HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. The attempt for a single entrance test for central universities was brought into consideration owing to various complains about students having an advantage in getting admission through the cut-off system because of lenient marking from state boards.

129 seats of the 188 in the Shri Ram College of Commerce went to students from Tamil Nadu as universities in Tamil Nadu are quite generous in awarding marks to students. Of the 129 students who enrolled in Shri Ram College this year, 33 of them were from one particular school. 

The common entrance examination would do justice to students securing admission across the universities and also students need not bear the travel expenses of visiting different places seeking admissions.

Other problems that will be discussed in the convention of HRD Ministry with the vice-chancellors of Central universities apart from the implementation of common entrance test include issues of shortage of staff. Another problem is with awarding marks where some universities are quite lenient in marking students leading to a huge gap among students seeking admissions. 

Speaking about the common entrance test, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Dinesh Singh said that the entrance examination is competitive and it will elevate the burden of students applying in various colleges across the universities along with the pressure of another exam right after the 12th exam examination. Post Comment Ads by Rev content 

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