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IGNOU Decided to Conduct Online Exam

Updated On 2015-09-29 09:28:42 Exams

The University with strength of 28 Lakhs students had started online admission process from this year, with a huge response from students and now discussing with UGC and HRD to conduct online Exams. At present we have entire process enrolled online including the registration, issuing admit cards, scheduling and updating but the examination is still conducted in the traditional paper mode where students have to go to their respective study centers. 

The task, however, is going to be challenging for the university considering the large number of students, who are spread across the country. Distance learning system in other countries of the world have adopted online examination, we have to consider the strength of students while deciding. 

"In our case, the number is large and we also see that the people are spread throughout the country with different backgrounds and demographic issues. The VC said the university is yet to figure out whether the option will be made available at its centers or students will be able to take the examination from anywhere. 

The models are being worked out. Working out on the examination pattern as well as the infrastructural issues, is a challenging task but the experts are on the job. 

Earlier the university conducted exam for 27 courses but withdrawn soon as UGC objected. The university offers a total of 228 bachelors, masters and diploma and certificate programs.

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3 years ago

Conducting Exam online is a great help because different category people study through distance learning program. They cannot afford to come at any time for exams. This decision will save time, money and effort of candidates.


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