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IIT JEE Exams will not be in Regional Languages

Updated On 2015-09-15 09:55:58 Exams

Madras High court has said that the issue regarding the IIT-Joint Engineering Examinations in Tamil and other regional languages is in the Domain of Government and declined that the proposal to direct the Centre to hold these exams. The IIT-JEE examinations are presently conducted in Hindi and English both.

To conduct the entrance exam for IITs in local languages like Kannada, Gujarati, Oriya, Assamese, Tamil and Telugu R Ovia filed A PIL in the Madras High Court. The first bench comprising of Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice T S Sivagnanam dismissed it, saying that the citizens of India are not supposed to be governed by the judiciary.

The need for multilingual question papers arose after counsel Radhakrishnan said that students from rural background suffered a handicap as most of them do their Plus Two courses in Tamil medium but are not able to appear for their IIT-JEE in that language. He said that the UPSC, railway recruitment and other national-level examinations are held in regional languages.

The Centre objected to the petition saying that the exams mentioned are for employment purposes and not education. The judiciary too supported the stance and further said that whether the entrance examination should be held in multiple languages or dual language or a single language has to be left open to the institutions conducting the examinations.

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Merlin Vimal
Merlin Vimal
3 years ago

Students who have the desire to study in IIT should prepare themselves to attend the exams in English which will help them to complete their studies in IIT successfully. According to me exams in hindi also have to be taken away as the students are going to learn only in English.


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