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JEE Advanced to Add Subjective Questions

Updated On 2015-07-14 12:35:20 Exams

Joint Entrance Examination Advanced (JEE Advanced) likely to include subjective questions. The Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) has contemplated to incorporate the segment from the session 2017.

Thus,it is essential for Class 10th students, who are aspiring to join IIT to prepare themselves for the subjective questions, which are expected to appear in the JEE Advanced.

Presently,the JEE Advanced paper consists of multiple choice questions (MCQs) only. With the inclusion of subjective questions, the students can be tested of the competency acquired on the subject. It also avoids guess-work made by the students.

IIT officials said several candidates clear JEE Advanced through sheer guess-work by eliminating the wrong options for questions. Such students may not have sound knowledge of concepts. The MCQ format is not a foolproof test of their knowledge.

As per officials of the JEE Advanced 2015 organizing team, the inclusion of a subjective section in the Advanced test is ruled out. A subjective element has been infused in this year's test by incorporating several questions within teger-type answers. Moreover, having more questions with negative marks and imposing a -2 mark penalty for every incorrect answer has curbed the amount of guess-work on part of the students.

Many students would not be able to mark the correct choice without actually knowing the answer. Hence, a change in the current format may not be recommended."However, once the questions are made subjective, it becomes imperative for the IITs to bring in changes in the evaluation system." "They have to then manually assess papers, which would have an adverse effect on the timeline for result declaration, "added the officials. According to the officials of IIT Bombay, a decision on the issue is yet to be taken. If the IITs need to change the test pattern, it should be done as soon as possible,since it allows student to have enough time for preparation. 

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4 years ago

It is a good decision as many students clear the exams by luck. Expecting its execution as early as possible..


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