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Karnataka Medical to Conduct Exams Online

Updated On 2015-07-17 09:58:46 Exams

If the online system is introduced to conduct the exam, aspirants, who wish to pursue professional course will need not have to travel all the way to state to appear for the entrance exam.

According to reports, the counselling process for the UGET and PGET examinations will remain offline.

Speaking on introduction of the online system COMEDK officials said "Aspirants hailing outside Karnataka spend significant amount of time and money every year to appear for the entrance examinations."

"In fact,they are required to travel multiple times to appear for the test and counselling sessions. Hence, the online mode is being considered to aid such students," they added.

"Aspirants for UGET examination are increasing every year.About 1.8 lakh applications were received for the year 2015. The rise in number of applications forced authorities to mull over the introduction of online mode of exam," they said.

"The online system will also helps to curb the malpractices and ensures secure transportation of question papers,"the officials opined.

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