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Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board SSLC exams 2016

Updated On 2015-09-08 09:33:50 Exams

The Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board invites the applications for the SSLC examination 2016 from the government aided and the un-aided schools. The board has asked the regular students, private candidates and those repeating the exam to submit their application through their respective recognised schools. The last date to submit application is September 15 and to lat date to pay the fees is September 19.

The last date to submit the nominal roll and original copy of the bank challan to the board is September 23.The board has decided to improve the evaluation system and the results, has set up divisional offices of the Board. This decentralization caters to the need of the student needs at their proximity. The board is now providing Admission Tickets with student photographs and major breakthrough in this venture is the photos being used in the repeaters Admission Tickets also.The board has ventured to conduct the supplementary examination for the failed candidates of the examination of March in June month of every year itself and this will enable the students who would be successful in the June examination to join higher education courses in the same academic year from July itself. This process was introduced first time in the country.

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Jack the cool
Jack the cool
3 years ago

This is really an useful information for the students of Karnataka and updates like these are very much useful to the parents indeed.


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