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Plus Two March-April 2016 Starts Today in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry

Updated On 2016-03-04 08:48:55 Exams
Author : Saravanan

Higher secondary examination for this academic year starts today in  Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry  .It starts today and ends in 1-04-2016. A total of 6550 higher secondary schools from Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry  will attend this exam with total strength of 839697 students. In this  391806 are boys and 447891 students are girls and around 42347 private candidates are attending the exam. The number of girl students attending the exam is higher than boys.

To control malpractices a flying team which consists of 4000 members are made ready they are both mobile and stationary. Bringing mobile inside school campus is strictly prohibited. After  the exams the answer papers will be corrected  in 66 correction campus and the result will be announced in the last week of April.

We wish every students , teachers and who are all the part of this exam all the  best for success. 


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3 years ago

All the very best students. Write exam well.


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