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Survey on math in MBA entrance exams

Updated On 2015-11-06 10:09:38 Exams

Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI Bank blamed the excessive focus on quantitative aptitude in MBA entrance exams for the low representation of women in management earlier this week. But a majority of 4,410 respondents in TOI’s poll on Twitter don't believe that more women will become business managers if MBA entrance exams are made less math oriented. 

At a summit on human resources Kochhar said, "The MBA entrance exams are so quantitative-oriented that it keeps out more and more women from joining the MBA classes. If we were to make the entrance exams more all-rounded you could see more participation." But 57 per cent of Twitter respondents polled by TOI don't agree with Kochhar.

Kochhar added that "If there is a course that is quant-oriented, you need to focus on that but if it is a course that is more general management oriented, do you not need entrance examinations which are more all-round?" 

Of 8296 respondents, 3936 believe that reducing the math quotient on MBA entrance exams will inspire more women to become business managers. Of those polled in this category, 3,644 disagreed with Kochhar and 716 said they weren't sure. The 'women and math' debate continues.

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Merlin Vimal
Merlin Vimal
3 years ago

I would go with Chanda Kochhar in this aspect, according to me he is right. As an MBA graduate I can say lessening the math oriented questions and adding management oriented questions in MBA entrance would be better. It will develop many managers.


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