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10-year-old Pune girl becomes youngest Indian TEDx speaker

Updated On 2016-02-19 09:58:26 Exclusive

Most people don't  take 10-year-olds seriously, let alone provide them with a platform to share their pearls of wisdom. However, Ishita Katyal is not like most kids her age. This Pune girl vowed the esteemed gathering at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference at Vancouver, Canada.

She delivered the opening speech at this year's brainiac's meet and in her speech, she urged the adults to focus on children.

"Instead of asking children what they want to do when they grow up, you should ask them what they want to be right now," she told a packed audience, whose average age was about 40 years.

She said that the general question that adults ask kids as to what they want to be when they grow up, has an inherent problem as it suggests it is okay to wait to grow up to do what they want to. They focus only on the future while forgetting their present ambitions and goals.

She received a standing ovation after her speech.This young girl became a published author at the tender age of 8, when she published her book titled 'Simran's Diary', about how a young girl aged 8 interprets the world around her. She even organised a TEDx talk at her own school, Vibgyor High in Balewadi, last year.

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