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Mega Education Conclave In Srinagar

Updated On 2017-05-22 09:53:23 Exclusive

To help the education sector in the state to grow to international standards, Joint Committee of Private Schools is organising a mega education conclave from May 24. The conclave will be attended by international educational experts and top notches in the field from other states. The aim of the conference is to make state aware of the latest trends in the educational sector and show a way forward in both private and government schools, the committee said in a statement.

It said that due to lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of well trained teachers and government funds for education, lack of adequate resources and poor governance, J&K’s educational system suffers from serious drawbacks and problems. “Government schools are allowed to remain mediocre because they lack competition and accountability and this has allowed the private sector to assume a greater role in education Sector,” said G N Var president JCPS. “Here experts and educationists from private and government sector will sit together brainstorm new ideas, so that we can raise the standards of our education sector.”

The Committee said that there is now a tremendous amount of acceptance and acceleration in private involvement in public schooling and private schools account for 40% of total enrolment.

“Studies in cities like Srinagar and other towns show that upward of 75 percent of children in these cities are attending private schools. This trend holds true in rural J&K well,” said Var. “So if something works in a private school, we want to find out why and what we can transfer to the public system?  What can be learnt from private education providers who are innovating and adding value?”

“We can have a model of cross-sector collaboration that produces high quality results,” said Var.

Those participating the conclave include Ekta SOdha who is CEO of Cadmus Education, India (which she co-founded with Professor James Tooley) and Sodha Schools, which builds on her family business of the last 30 years. 

Under her leadership the school chains have grown to 6,500 students, serving low-income families in fishing villages, rural communities and market towns in the state of Gujarat. Under Ekta’s leadership, Sodha Schools achieved 5th rank in Gujarat for its high educational quality, low cost model, by one of Asia’s premier education magazine Digital Learning.

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