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2-Year-Old Girl Creates National Record

Updated On 2015-10-09 08:40:13 Exclusive

Wonder Kid, 2-year-old Aaliyah Shahul Hameed has achieved a rare feat by creating a new record and entering her name into the India Book of Records.

 Aaliyah hails from Tamil Nadu, she participated in the Memory Record game, according to which the participants need to recognise maximum number of Geometrical and Non-Geometrical shapes in a minute. 

One participant needs to recognise at least 25 shapes. But Aliyah, who along with her parents currently live in Abu Dhabi, recognised total 35 geometrical and non-geometrical shapes in just one minute. The event was held at the head office of India Book of Records in Faridabad, Haryana on Sept 28.

India book of records is a collection of national records in the field which mostly is not included in an organized sport. India book of records was started in 2004 by Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury who himself is a Guinness world record holder.

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