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AppAlert Inc launches real-time school bus tracking app

Updated On 2016-07-26 09:59:17 Exclusive

US based AppAlert Inc’s Indian subsidiary, AppAlert Online Services has announced the launch of its Commercial App, Version 1.1 targeted at schools in India. AppAlert is a Cloud, Mobile only, real-time school bus tracking system.

A first to launch a Mobile only platform, it helps parents as well as the school management knows the precise location of children when they are on the school bus.

The Commercial version 1.1 of the App builds on the proof of concept 1.0 Version that is currently in the testing phase with nearly 43 leading schools in NCR and Mumbai encompassing 30,000 children. AppAlert App version 1.1 offers a comprehensive slew of features that allows schools to monitor their buses in transit through a dash board and to run analysis that enable them to take decisions such as geo fencing routes that improve the efficiency of their bus fleets and improves safety.

To the parents, the Commercial App provides real time updates on student loading factors, offers emergency broadcast capability, provides distance traveled with location and ETA accuracy that will significantly improve their waiting times at the school bus stop and reduce their stress levels as their children travel to and from school.

The AppAlert App Version 1.1 will be available to parents for a monthly fee from the school their child attends. The App is available on both Android and iPhone.

Smart phone ownership today allows for every experience to be made as convenient as booking an Uber. AppAlert’s solution is really about the use of smart technology to meet the emotional needs of parents when their children are the most vulnerable, i.e. in transit to and from school. By going completely mobile and in the Cloud, we have fundamentally changed the entire paradigm — our school bus tracking system requires no installation, no hosting and maintenance. All the schools require is a mobile device and both the school and parents can get an Uber-like experience to an everyday challenge, says Mr. Ashuvinder Ahuja, Founder, AppAlert.

AppAlert provides real time information to school authorities and parent alike, as to the whereabouts of the school bus en-route. In the event of an accident or breakdown, help can reach the school bus with immediacy.

AppAlert alerts parents in advance when the bus arrives at the student’s stop, so that the parent/guardian doesn’t have to stand outside in the rain or sweltering heat and pollution, waiting for transportation, all the while aware of their ward’s attendance on the bus. This not only gives peace of mind to parents but also to school administrators because of the number of reduced phone calls from worried parents.

For the school transport administration, the platform enables gathering information related to over-speeding, accidents/ breakdowns, unscheduled stops, harsh braking, traffic congestion and panic alarms.AppAlert recently raised US$900K in its seed round of funding, led by Narinder Singh, a US based serial investor.

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