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Awarded for Excellence in Education : Safeena Husain

Updated On 2016-03-29 14:14:03 Exclusive

Founder and CEO of Educate Girls, Safeena Husain has introduced 100,000 girls from India's under-privileged communities to school. She set up Educate Girls as an NGO in 2007. Since then, the NGO has been tackling the root cause of gender inequality in India's education system.

Educate Girls' comprehensive model reforms government schools through community ownership and works towards ensuring over 90 percent enrollment and higher retention of girls in schools. It also helps in improving the school infrastructure, quality of education, and learning outcomes for all children.

It successfully engages girl students, teachers, schools, communities, and the government to create a platform that is scalable, sustainable, and gives value for money.

Its goal is to improve access and quality of education for over four million children living in educationally backward communities in India by 2018. Today, it works in 8,000 schools in more than 4,500 villages in India's educationally backward districts.

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