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Biometrics in Allahabad University

Updated On 2016-02-09 09:15:48 Exclusive

For thefirst time at Allahabad University, attendance of students would be registeredthrough biometric attendance machine. One such machine has been installed atthe department of Botany on an experimental basis. The machine will registerthe attendance of BSc-I students of the department.

The machinestarted functioning at the department on Sunday wherein the Vice-Chancellorinaugurated the system. The head of the department, Prof Anupam Dikshitinformed that the machine has been installed in the BSc lecture hall. Data ofall the students of BSc-I, including their thumb impression, enrollment number,mobile number etc, have already been fed in the machine. Now the machine willbe used for recording the attendance of the students, both for theory andpractical classes.

"Nowthat we have the mobile number of each student fed in the server of themachine, the machine would automatically send a sms on the mobile of theparents of a given students if he or she is found to be absent," said ProfDikshit. Besides, the department will also be installing CCTV so as tocross-check whether a student really attended the class or was it that heskipped the period after registering the thumb on the machine, he added.

The step hasalso being taken in the backdrop of the fact that although the varsity rulestipulates 75% attendance for the students, the ground situation is far fromsatisfactory.

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