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Entrepreneurship in Educational Syllabus – Kalam

Updated On 2015-06-23 09:47:24 Exclusive

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam called for the inclusion of entrepreneurship in the educational curricula in the country. He said we need education that creates environment for entrepreneurship, at the city-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute.

He said the education system should introduce syllabus of entrepreneurship; students right from school to college need to get skills that can provide freedom. He also stressed that banks should be pro-active in supporting innovations.

The global community should focus on common issues like poverty, lack of education and poor healthcare, he added. Today, the challenge before the world is of poverty, including in India... We need to find solutions. It is the collective responsibility of the global community.

Countries should start tackling common enemies like poverty, lack of education and poor healthcare, he said. He also said there is need for an equal distribution of resources and we should focus on national, regional and global peace.



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