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Global terrorism course

Updated On 2015-10-30 10:08:13 Exclusive

Punjab University has planned to offer course on Global terrorism. Some universities have started specialized courses on Terrorism Studies, Security Studies, Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism in order to focus on the increasing incidents of terrorism globally. A one year post-graduate diploma course in Homeland Security is offered by Department of Defence and National Security Studies of Punjab University which is Chandigarh based.

The one-year post-graduate diploma course in homeland security in the University started from the academic year 2009-10 to teach aspiring students the nuances of countering global terrorism. The university senate had unanimously given its green signal to the decision. The curriculum was started to focus on improving the intelligence system and to counter global terrorism. The university also avails the services of both retired and serving officials of defence and various intelligence wings of the country.

The course also equips students with both technical and theoretical knowledge of countering every kind of terrorist attack and natural calamity. The curriculum was drafted after consulting senior defence officials. There are 25 seats in the course and the students get admission through an entrance test conducted by the varsity. Punjab University is the first university in India to provide education on improving the internal security system of the country. Many universities in the US and in Europe are already conducting the course.

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3 years ago

These type of courses will enable us to oppose terrorism and protect our nation from terrorists.

Merlin Vimal
Merlin Vimal
3 years ago

Course on terrorism is essential in the current situation as terrorist attacks have increased. Punjab University has made a good attempt which will improve the internal security system of India.


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