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Govt launches portal for complaints against Private schools

Updated On 2016-11-18 10:25:47 Exclusive

Now, there is an online portal to exclusively register complaints against private schools. The education minister Manish Sisodia launched the "grievance redressal and monitoring system for private unaided recognized schools" is a time-bound one. Officials get 15 days to inquire into and close a case.

"We have been getting a lot of complaints about public schools — on fees, books, admissions, etc. The portal will have the complete list of all private schools. DDEs (deputy directors of education) will be alerted immediately," said Sisodia at the launch. This, of course, isn't the first online complaints system maintained by the Directorate of Education. 

The DoE had launched one following the Right to Education Act 2009 that was meant for complaints about all schools; for private ones, it has been most used during nursery admissions. However, redressal wasn't time-bound. This website will handle the entire specturm of complaints against private schools, including admissions (EWS and general), general facilities and infrastructure, capitation fees and parent-teacher-associations ones.

In the new system, as explained by Ashima Jain, additional director, education, parents can file complaints in 500 characters or less, upload supporting documents if there are any and track the progress on their case through the process. Complainants will also be able to add more documents or remarks during the course of the inquiry or investigation. "The complainant can select just the school and the district and DDE will be automatically linked. We will also need the name, mobile number and address of the complainant," said Jain. Sisodia clarified that the name of the complainant will be "kept confidential" but anonymous complaints will not be possible.

Once the complaint is disposed, the one to register it will have to leave feedback saying if the are "satisfied", "partially satisfied" or "not satisfied." "We can reopen it," says Jain. In any case, the leadership at the DoE headquarters will keep track of the complaints being registered and resolved.

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