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Govt launches web portal for ITBP Jobs

Updated On 2016-01-19 10:34:43 Exclusive

The Government of India has come up with a new web portal for candidates who wish to apply for jobs at Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) Force. The website - - was launched by force chief, Krishna Chaudhary at its headquarters and provides information about the career opportunities in the force, along with vacancies, pay scales, results and other relevant subjects.

The website includes tabs such as: HOME, ABOUT US, APPLY, CAREER@ITBP and CONTACT US. These tabs are further segregated into several sections.

According to PTI reports,  ITBP spokesperson Vivek Pandey informed, "Online applications for various posts can also be submitted through this portal in an easy manner. The attempt has been taken in order to keep the website user-friendly".

A senior official further informed that the recruitment process that is conducted by the UPSC and postings done through deputation or direct appointment by the Ministry of Home Affairs will continue to take place by the respective agencies.

The website is being hosted by the National Informatics Centre and will act as an aid to provide answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about getting a job in the force, raised in 1962 in the aftermath of the Chinese aggression.

This is the first-ever initiative by any paramilitary force in the country that shall provide solution to young men and women by helping them in gaining entry in central forces working under the command of the Union Home Ministry.

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