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Calicut University's distance education programmes

Updated On 2015-10-13 11:57:24 Exclusive

The delay in getting UGC recognition for Calicut University's distance education programmes has created an academic crisis in the varsity affecting around 46,000 students. The UGC withdrew the recognition of School of Distance Education (SDE) under the university on September 1, following its failure to comply with the UGC guidelines. Also, the varsity didn't submit the mandatory affidavit to the higher education regulator earlier, another reason cited by the UGC in withdrawing the recognition. 

Despite frantic efforts by the varsity including sending a delegation to New Delhi to hold direct talks with the UGC chairman, the varsity's recognition has not been reinstated yet.  After the meeting with UGC chairmen Ved Prakash on September 14, the university closed down its 205 off-campus centres and submitted the affidavit. However, the latest list published by the UGC on October 7 of varsities which have been barred from conducting distance education courses includes Calicut University.

"We have complied with all the guidelines issued by the UGC but it is yet to reinstate the recognition. A follow up letter by the varsity also failed to get any response. The delay in reinstating the recognition is a cause of worry for thousands of students," an official of the School of Distance Education said. 

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