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Iclassonline to launch its operations in India

Updated On 2016-04-08 10:22:36 Exclusive

A leading e-learning portal - Iclassonline with offices in North America and South Asia, has launched its India operations with an aim to help students prepare for competitive exams using cutting-edge technology.

"Regional coaching classes rarely deliver results because of their inability to cope up with the latest trends in education and inferior faculties. Students shell out huge money on these coaching and ends up confused in their career," said Nikhil Chandwani, chief executive officer of Iclassonline net.

"Iclassonline net is the perfect solution for students appearing for GRE, GATE and Civil Service examinations with state-of-art-the-art technical and non technical PDFs, GATE instructors from Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur and GRE instructors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School," he added.

The portal, which was launched on March 28, also offers dedicated career counselling, free group discussion and interview training. in a cost-effective way.

"T"e Skype sessions are the best. Students can clear doubts online from their homes and ensure goal setting that gives an extra edge. Competing with local coaching firms is fun knowing their inability to backup teaching with discussions," said Saurabh Tiwari, chief financial officer of Iclassonline net. The portal has partnered with Paytm Wallet for financial transactions.

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