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Indian workers in UAE get children's education support

Updated On 2016-08-16 09:34:26 Exclusive

Indian blue-collar workers in the UAE can achieve their dream of good education to their children back in India, thanks to an initiative launched by a leading money transfer brand.

Xpress Money, in partnership with Dubai-based NGO SmartLife, has launched the initiative titled 'SmartSapna' to offer education support for the children of blue collar workers employed in the UAE.

The initiative is spearheaded by Xpress Money's Corporate Social Responsibility platform H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People and Environment) and strengthens its seven-year long collaboration with SmartLife to improve workers' lives.

"SmartSapna is a powerful name - because Sapna means "dream" in Hindi. We realise that providing their children with a good education is every parent's dream. We are now helping workers in the UAE fulfil this dream by providing their children with good education, thus setting a strong foundation for a prosperous future," said Ashwin Gedam, Xpress Money's vice-president of global marketing.

"Ensuring quality education for their children is top priority for every blue collar worker. Smartlife has touched the lives of many children studying in India through this project. We thank Xpress Money and H.O.P.E for enabling us to reach out to more beneficiaries working in the UAE and thus empowering their wards with the gift of good education," said Vinod Mehra, president of SmartLife.

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