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ISB signed a MoU with the SMU

Updated On 2016-04-16 09:29:59 Exclusive

Inorder to collaborate in areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and research, The Indian School of Business (ISB) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Singapore Management University (SMU). The MoU was signed by Rajendra Srivastava, Dean of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, ISB and Arnoud De Meyer, President, SMU and faculty and senior management staff of ISB. ISB said in a statement that the partnership will allow both the institutions to contribute to industry and academic developments in India, Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Srivastava said in the statement that they see enormous potential in associating with SMU and working towards a stronger, mutually beneficial, institutional connection to develop expertise and insights on Asian and emerging markets that will be of immense value to the world at large. The collaboration is for an initial period of five years between the ISB and SMU commencing April 15, 2016. Through the agreement, ISB and SMU will collaborate to develop new thinking and practices in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship and design new joint programmes.

On the research front, the two institutions will consider opportunities for faculty, post-doctoral and doctoral students to organize and attend research workshops and seminars on topics of joint interest and provide research assistance on projects in research centers at both institutions. Both parties will explore conducting faculty and students exchange programmes and international research conferences and seminars. The agreement also envisages usage of facilities of both the parties like libraries for exchange students, participation in student competitions and involvement of students in co-curricular activities at the partner institutions of each other. 

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