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Japanese Students Hatch Baby Chick Without A Shell

Updated On 2016-06-09 09:31:14 Exclusive

A group of high school students in Japan have made an incredible discovery - they've figured out how to hatch a perfectly healthy chick from an egg without the shell.

The discovery is so significant, the students findings have been published in a scientific journal. The experiment which was filmed and then shared on YouTube consists of a few very simple steps and takes less than one month.

First, the students took a sheet of plastic wrap and placed it over the top of a small cup filled with chemical solution designed to ensure the chick's healthy development. The Oihama High School students then cracked an egg on top of the cup and sealed it with a transparent lid, so that they could keep an eye on its progress.

Next, the high schoolers punched holes in the plastic wrap to provide the chick with oxygen. The cup was then inserted inside of an incubator, where it remained for three weeks. By day three the little chick's heart had formed, and by day five, the outline of its body could be seen. In just three weeks, a tiny little chick was born.

The video of the fascinating experiment has gained nearly 400,000 views in just three days.

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