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Karnataka Engineering Students Make Satellites for ISRO

Updated On 2016-04-30 08:33:39 Exclusive

A group of students from Karnataka is working hard on two satellites that are expected to be launched late this year or early next year by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The satellite named STUDSAT-2 is on a mission to demonstrate the communication between two mini-satellites. The students were selected from colleges such as Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, NMAM Institute of Technology, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, RNS Institute of Technology and Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology.

The project is carried out under a program recognized by the ISRO and it costs about $235,294. The money was raised by the Visvesvaraya Technological University and seven other colleges. The students were selected through written tests, practical exams, and interviews.

“By early May, we will be submitting the project design review to the ISRO team. Once the review is done, we will have to sign a MoU with the space agency that the satellite will be handed over to them within one year,” Dr. S Sandya, project director of STUDSAT-2 and head of Department of Electronics and Communication at the Nittee Meenakshi Institute of Technology told.

The students design, create, test and hand over the satellite unit to the ISRO and the organization will launch the same using its facility. “The STUDSAT’s primary objective was to promote space technology in educational institutions and encourage research and development in miniaturized satellites among others. The satellite performed all the objectives,” DP Karnik, an ISRO spokesman said.

“After completion of my engineering course, though I got an offer from a private company, I opted to be part of the STUDSAT team as the challenges involved in this project are far greater. Moreover working here is like being part of a startup where one is involved in each and every aspect of work,” Sandesh R Hegde, a team member told.

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