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New curriculum in Mumbai University

Updated On 2016-06-09 11:21:00 Exclusive
Author : S.Manikandaprabhu Sivagnanam
The University of Mumbai's Academic Council decided that there will be a new curriculum for students from this year. The earlier announcement from MU regarding bringing in the change in the syllabus of all the faculties had caused a lot of confusion to the candidates. 

Decisions taken by the Academic Council:-  
They have decided to do away with internal exams, which were held by colleges for the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce and Science courses. The internal exam carrying 25 marks was held by colleges individually. However, there are no changes in the self-financed courses. From this year onwards, the university would be holding examinations for all the semesters. Earlier, the responsibility of holding the exams from first to fourth semester was of the colleges, while the university helmed the exams for the last two semesters.
The main aim in bringing about this change is to bring uniformity in exam patterns. From this academic year, it would be compulsory for final year students to do live projects - internships, on-job training and industry orientation. 

As part of the choice-based credit system, students have the choice of taking up the projects either in fifth or sixth semester for which, they will be given credits.
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