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Punjab to Skill Youth to Work Abroad

Updated On 2015-10-30 09:31:05 Exclusive

Punjab is set to meet the craze of its citizens for working on foreign lands by providing them a capsule training programme with a certified degree that would enable them to seek work visa in Australia, the US, Saudi Arabia and other labour-deficient countries.


The unique feature of the new policy decision is to train the youth keeping in view the specific requirement of each country, making them employable and working out linkage with foreign companies for ready emigration and work visa formalities in those countries.


The new policy decision would make the procedure systematic besides meeting the urge of Punjab is to work abroad.


Technical education minister Madan Mohan Mittal, while appreciating these ideas that emerged during a special session on skill development programme on the concluding day of Punjab Progressive Summit, said Punjab would soon lead the country in skill development.


During the session, an MoU was signed by Uber to train 50,000 women and an equal number of male drivers and sharpen their skills in driving, English speaking and etiquette.


According to the MoU, these drivers would also be employed in other parts of the country as per the increasing requirement of radio taxis in other states. The drivers would be certified and would be eligible to work abroad for heavy-duty vehicles, especially in the US and Canada.


In the session, it emerged that Punjab would also train over 1 lakh youth in the construction industry that would make them employable in Gulf countries,especially in Saudi Arabia.


Speaking on the occasion, Mittal said skill development is one of the essential ingredients for India’s future economic growth as the country transformed into a diversified and internationally competitive economy.


He said though there had been multiple central and state government initiatives for skill development, there was scope for improvement. Inviting the private sector, he said the private sector with its industry expertise and targeted approach could play a critical role in shaping the skills agenda of the country by making it more aligned towards the industry requirements.


He said Punjab stands third in the country with respect to the Education Development Index and had an established base with a ready pool of technically skilled talent.

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