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Rs1 crore raised for girl education

Updated On 2016-04-05 10:31:45 Exclusive

The Fort Convent Association (FCA) launched a project"Khilo" for promoting education of the underprivileged girl child. Itwas organised by the alumnus of Fort Convent School, Mumbai. A whopping amount ofRs1 crore was collected at the event for educating one hundred girls fromdeserving and underprivileged backgrounds — from Std 1st and 10th.

"Education of a girl will cost Rs1 lakh, and we havecollected Rs1 crore which means we will be educating as many as 100girls," said Sumita Ghai, alumnus and one of the organisers.

The event was a fun-filled musical concert with famous musicdirector trio Shankar, Ehsaan, and Loy, perfroming in the city after a gap offive years. Alumnus of the school include Ehsaan's sister Shama Noorani, actorJuhi Chawla, Rui JaiKishan, Rael Padamsee, Kittu Gidwani, Sana Sayeed and MeeraSanyal.

Talking about the concert, Ghai also mentioned that"the energy of the event was really good, and everybody enjoyedthoroughly". The FCA also has a Garden School that will be a kindergartenschool for under-privileged girls. Besides this there is another plan toprovide free vocational training and English speaking for women.

The event also had a fun raffle where around 50 luckywinners won various prizes — a Zee gold coin, tickets to Singapore by Cox &Kings, and a few hampers amongst others.

Talking about the event, Ehsaan said: "We don't get toperform much in Mumbai but we have also played for the cancer patients as well.I chose this one not only because Shama is my sister, but education is the wayfurther. We loved the vibe, and the South Bombay crowd is always fun! We willkeep doing stuff like this and wish them luck."

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