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B. P. Govinda Arjuna Award Awarded In 1975

B. P. Govinda

B. P. Govinda

Award Name : Arjuna Award

Year of Award : 1975

Award for : Sports and Games

Location : Somvārpet, Karnataka, India


Billimoga Puttaswamy Govinda was an Indian professional field hockey player and the former captain of the Indian team. He was born on 4 March 1951 in Somwarpet, Coorg State, India. Govinda was considered as one of the fastest hockey players during his time and was known for his ball shooting ability. He played for India in the three Asian Games: 1970, 1974 and 1978 with India finishing second in all the three of them. He also played in the 1972 Summer Olympics at Munich, 1973 World Cup in Amsterdam, 1975 World Cup at Kuala Lumpur which India won beating Pakistan 2-1 in the Finals and at the Montreal Olympics in 1976. In 1972, Govinda was selected for the World XI team. He was awarded the Arjuna Award for his contribution to Indian hockey.