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Thoppil Mohamed Meeran Sahitya Akademi Award Awarded In 1997

Thoppil Mohamed Meeran

Thoppil Mohamed Meeran

Award Name : Sahitya Akademi Award

Year of Award : 1997

Award for : Literature

Location : Nāgercoil, Tamil Nadu, India


Thoppil Mohamed Meeran is an Indian Nagercoil based author who writes in Tamil. Meeran was awarded the Highest Indian Government award for Poets, Sahitya Akademi Award in 1997 for his novel Saivu Narkali. He has also received the Tamil Nadu Kalai Ilakkiya Perumantam Award, the Ilakkiya Chintanai Award, and the T N Govt. Award. He has published five novels and six short story collections. Mohamed Meeran was born in Nagercoil. He is also addressed as Thoppil Meeran by his friends and family is married to, Jaleela. They have two children, Shameem Ahamed and Mirzad Ahamed. He hails from a village named Thengai Pattanam which is part of the Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu. He is one of the sons of the famous M.O.M Family.


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