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Gerald Neugebauer Bruce Medal Awarded In 2010

Gerald Neugebauer

Gerald Neugebauer

Award Name : Bruce Medal

Year of Award : 2010

Award for : Astronomy

Location : Tucson, Arizona, United States


Gerald "Gerry" Neugebauer (3 September 1932 – 26 September 2014) was an American astronomer known for his pioneering work in infrared astronomy.Neugebauer was born in Göttingen, Germany and is the son of Otto Neugebauer, an Austrian-American mathematician and historian of science, and Grete Bruck. After moving to the United States at age seven, he received his A.B. in physics from Cornell University in 1954 and his Ph.D. in physics from Caltech in 1960, with a thesis on the photoproduction of negative and positive pions from deuterium.He received Bruce Medal in 2010.