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Jurgen Kocka Holberg Prize Awarded In 2011

Jurgen Kocka

Jurgen Kocka

Award Name : Holberg Prize

Year of Award : 2011

Award for : History

Location : Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Jürgen Kocka (born 19 April 1941, in Haindorf) is a German historian.A university professor and former president of the Social Science Research Center Berlin (2001–2007), Kocka is a major figure in the new Social History, especially as represented by the Bielefeld School. He has focused his research on the history of employees in large German and American businesses, and on the history of European bourgeoisie. He gained his PhD from the Free University of Berlin in 1968.He was awarded the 2011 Holberg Prize for effecting a paradigm shift in German historiography by opening it up to related social sciences and establishing the importance of cross-national comparative approaches.