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Toyo Ito Pritzker Architecture Prize Awarded In 2013

Toyo Ito

Toyo Ito

Award Name : Pritzker Architecture Prize

Year of Award : 2013

Award for : Architecture

Location : Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan


Toyo Ito ( born 1 June 1941) is a Japanese architect known for creating conceptual architecture, in which he seeks to simultaneously express the physical and virtual worlds. He is a leading exponent of architecture that addresses the contemporary notion of a "simulated" city, and has been called "one of the world's most innovative and influential architects.

In 2013, Ito was awarded the Pritzker Prize, one of architecture's most prestigious prizesHe was a likely front-runner for the Pritzker Prize for the previous 10 years. A recent trend has seen less experienced and well-known winners, for example Chinese architect Wang Shu in 2012, and the award to Toyo Ito is seen as recognition of a lifetime's achievement in architecture.


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