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Kashinath Singh Sahitya Akademi Award Awarded In 2011

Kashinath Singh

Kashinath Singh

Award Name : Sahitya Akademi Award

Year of Award : 2011

Award for : Literature

Location : Jainpur, Uttar Pradesh, India


Kashi Nath Singh is a distinguished Hindi scholar, prolific story writer and novelist. Born in 1937 in a small village, Jiyanpur, of present Chandauli district, Uttar Pradesh, he was brought up in an ordinary peasant family and received his early education in a village school and higher education (BA, MA and PhD) in Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Joining as a lecturer in BHU in 1965, he retired as professor and the head of the Hindi department. Kashi Nath Singh is also known for the individual style he uses in writing memoirs of literary personalities. These memoirs are compiled into the volume Yaad Ho Ki Na Yaad Ho, which won the Sharad Joshi Award. Some of his other celebrated works have been novels like Kashi Ka Assi and Rehan Par Ragghu and Mahuacharit,. Parts of Kashi ka Assi have been adapted to theatre by eminent director Usha Ganguly and the novel is also being made into a feature film by Chandrapraksh Dwivedi. He received the Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award in 2011 for his novel Rehan Par Ragghu, and is considered one of the best chroniclers of the city of Varanasi. He has recently received 'Bharat Bharti Award', the state's highest literary award given by U.P. Government.


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