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Maurice Brookhart Willard Gibbs Award Awarded In 2010

Maurice Brookhart

Maurice Brookhart

Award Name : Willard Gibbs Award

Year of Award : 2010

Award for : Chemistry

Location : Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States


Maurice S. Brookhart is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry (1990 to the present) in the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina.His research group is noted for its research in the general area of synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry. A recent major thrust has been the development of post-metallocene catalysts based upon late transition metal complexes for olefin coordination polymerization.They carry out their mechanistic investigation of the polymerization reactions primarily by low temperature IR and NMR spectroscopies. The work provides a detailed understanding of catalyst resting states and relative intermediates.He won Willard Gibbs Award in 2010.


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