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CBSE class XII Maths paper tough

Updated On 2016-03-15 09:32:52 Exams

For the second consecutive year, the Class 12 CBSE mathematics paper made students stumble. School principals of several exam centers reported that the tough exam had students crying over its length. Even some one-mark questions were unexpectedly lengthy and they couldn't complete. The length of the question paper made it incredibly hard for students, it had too much vectors and the four-mark integration question was hard too.

Tania Joshi, principal, The Indian School, says it was both "slightly tough and took too much time." Two six-mark questions from matrices and determinants and one four-marker were all lengthy. Some finished, some didn't. With a lengthy paper, morale drops and kids find themselves not being able to keep up.

Some students said that the calculus part especially difficult and this time, 80% of the questions were indirect and they expressed difficulty in both finishing the paper in time as well as tackling certain one-mark, four-mark and 6-mark questions.

Maths teachers at Mount Abu Public School, Nitish Gupta and Nisha Bajaj agree that it was a balanced paper, though it demanded the students to face some tricky and twisted questions. Students could not get sufficient time to revise the paper as it was a bit lengthy and required much calculation. Scoring a 100% would've required good time management and fast calculation.

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