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Grace marks will be given for +2 Chemistry Exam

Updated On 2016-03-25 09:46:47 Exams

On March 14, 2016 Chemistry exam was conducted for all the 12th students who opted for science Group in Higher secondary. Most plus two students across Tamilnadu feel that the question papers was too tough to answer.

In many regions students were tore the paper in front of school gate. Many teachers and students asked the board to verify the Chemistry question paper.

More than two suicide was held by students in Tamilnadu. This cause major chaos regarding the Chemistry.

Most of the students and parents are recommended the DPI to re conduct the Chemistry exam.

But the DPI director Said

In TN 12th chemistry paper, one mark Question No. 17 is not asked in Normal way (Difficult questions).

Apart from this 5 Marks question No. 70 is wrongly portrayed in question paper. Instead of printing 11, the question paper has roman letter II. Roman letter II denotes calcium and 11 denotes copper. This is mistake in the questions.

For these question the DPI is given 1+5 totally 6 Marks for the students who attend this question in Exam.

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