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Higher Secondary Examination Schedule changed by Gujarat Board

Updated On 2015-09-25 09:23:36 Exams

The Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education board had made changes in its timetable for the third semester examination for class XII and semester I examination of class XI. 

The board has announced that the examination which was scheduled to be held on November 9, the Dhanteras day will now be held on October 30. Earlier the examination were to begin from November 2 and were to end on November 9, will now begin from October 30. 

The board was forced to make the changed after students and parent's body made representations to the GSHSEB to make changes in the date of the examination. Parents claimed that the festivity in the state begins from Dhanteras which was just two days before the Diwali festival. The Board while declaring the academic calendar at the start of the session had announced Diwali vacation from November 9.

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Chandru sharma
Chandru sharma
3 years ago

May is it helpful for both teachers and students to teach and learning ease and also its having standard and quality subjects


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