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Maharashtra to conduct aptitude test for Stateboard Students

Updated On 2015-11-13 09:34:32 Exams

The Maharashtra government will conduct aptitude test for over 15 lakh state board students compulsory from this academic year. This will enable them to choose effective career. The tests will be conducted in both online and offline.

Such psychological tests to understand a student’s aptitude are conducted by the government-run Institute of Vocational Guidance and Selection. The tests were till now voluntary, with those desirous of knowing their aptitude approaching the institute. 

Under the National Education Policy, vocational guidance of students at the secondary and higher secondary level has been termed as an important mode of harnessing the potential of students. 

The state has claimed that such methods help clearing doubts in the minds of students as well as their guardians on what vocational stream they should pursue in their lives. 

Due to staff crunch, the institute is able to provide help to only those students who approach it. To tide over this problem, the state has decided to conduct these tests online. 

All Class 10 students will have to undertake these tests online and the counsellors will mail them their reports after evaluation. The tests will commence from this year and the state is hoping the move will help students who will start junior college from next year to take an informed decision on what stream they should select. 

“It will not be compulsory for the students to heed the advice of the counsellor. However, knowing where your strength lies will help students take an informed decision,” said a senior official of the education department. 

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