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Supreme Court Cancelled the AIPMT 2015

Updated On 2015-06-16 09:30:50 Exams

Edubilla News Bureau 

The Supreme Court has aborted the Pre-medical entrance exam on Monday over the misconduct of the Exam, which bothers 6 lakhs candidates. This was judged by the Vacation benches of Justice RK Agrawal and Amitava Roy which is scrutinizing the petitions to re-conduct the AIPMT 2015, as question paper has been out before the occurrence of exam, and answer key was shared through the gadgets at various centers around 10 states and the court determined judgment to conduct the re-exam within four weeks period. CBSE has conducted the exam on May 3, but it was originally scheduled during the month of June, the ambiguity have been raised only on 44 students, who has benefitted by this illegal act, but it has impacted on about 6.30 Lakhs students, appeared in about 1,050 centers, a strategy by Solicitor General Ranjit Kumar. The court has stated that” We are not holding the CBSE Leak; it is the extreme liability of the CBSE to meet the challenges given by the Information Technology which has over-taken our lives”


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