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IIM-A will launch e-learning programmes

Updated On 2016-06-06 10:12:45 Online Degree Programs

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) will offer online distance learning courses to deliver management education.

The institute will launch several programmes in the coming months in collaboration with NIIT Ltd and Hughes Education, companies that provide online learning services, the leading business school said in a statement in Ahmedabad.

The institute has signed agreements with both the companies to deliver management education content using electronic mode in the form of synchronous studio-to-classroom programmes.

Management education is going through dramatic changes, especially with regard to infusion of technology challenging the traditional content delivery model, it said.

IIM-A is set to launch several e-learning programmes over the next few months and has tied up with NIIT and Hughes to deliver education in the form of synchronous studio-to- classroom programmes.

IIM-A will launch both distance learning and blended learning programmes through this initiative. Several executive education courses will also be a part of this e-learning model, the statement said.

Information Technology is creating significant disruptions and opportunities in the higher-education sector, Director Ashish Nanda said. Increasingly, delivery of high-quality management education is becoming feasible through technology. IIM-A is committed to innovating in this space and leveraging technology to provide the best quality educational experience to leaders that make a difference, Mr Nanda said.

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