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Bihar launches multiple programmes to boost higher education

Updated On 2016-12-17 11:33:23 Exclusive

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, announced that in order to give a boost to higher education, his government has launched a number of programmes so that 40 percent of youth in the state can pursue higher studies.

At present, only about 13 per cent of the youth are able to study further after clearing class 12. The main reason behind this is due to financial constraints and also due to dearth of institutions.

Poverty in Bihar and dearth of institutions are the major reasons behind the low percentage of the youth pursuing higher education and hence he has come up with a string of programmes under its ‘Seven Resolves’ to lift the number of youths in higher studies to 35-40 per cent.

He said that the “government will provide interest-free loans of Rs. 4 lakh through student credit card so that they can pursue higher studies. He added that youths in the age group 20-25 years would be given an allowance of Rs. 1000 for two years to search for jobs.

“Another programme”, he said is “to provide free WiFi facility in all government colleges and universities”.

Nitish Kumar added that to overcome the shortage of educational institutions which is resulting in flight of students from the state his government has decided to set up engineering colleges and polytechnics, ITIs for women and ANM college in all districts of the state.

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